The Difference Of Health Education Through Demonstration And Singing Video Methods On Hand

This examine goals to determine the effect of health education on a mom’s information, attitude and behavior in providing care to LBW. This study is quasi-experimental with a pre-posttest method non-equivalent to the management group, with 66 respondents fulfilling the inclusion criteria. The inclusion standards on this study were post-partum moms on the second day who had babies with a delivery weight of 1500 grams-2499 grams and had been willing to be respondents. The statistical check employed unbiased t-test, paired t-test, and chi-square. There was a big difference in the increase in knowledge, attitudes and behaviour scores in each groups. The p-value of information and attitudes is 0.00, and the p-value of behaviour is 0.01.

  • School-based health education helps adolescents purchase functional health information, and strengthens attitudes, beliefs, and follow abilities wanted to adopt and maintain wholesome behaviors throughout their lives.
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